Web Designing

Web Designing

Softmacs being an IT solution company provides client with service of website designing or development. Our skilled professionals help creating a website for clients’ business by using advanced CMS like word press, Joomla, Drupal.

Our professionals also integrate a payment gateway into a website like PayPal integration which allows your website to accept online payments from customer via credit cards or debit cards.

In today’s world every business aims at having its own website as having a website increases the visibility and enables the business to cater to wider market and reach the prospective clients. In this era website is undeniable essential to succeed in business. In this competitive world, if you want to enhance your business presence globally then consider creating a website as it is one of the most important thing that help business to reach larger number of people.

Just creating a website does not help your business grow, but the website designing plays the vital role for creating a company’s website. Presentation of your website is an essential factor that an IT professional should dwell on. The content on your website should easily be accessible and professionally organized.

Softmacs professionals take into consideration many things while website development and designing

  • Eye-catchy

  • Our professional has flair of website designing; they design it in a very attractive manner and eye catching that no visitor will close before browsing it once.

  • User friendly

  • We create user friendly website, customer prefer browsing through your website if the information is easily available. All the major information is summarized in the homepage itself.

  • Load time

  • People do not have patience to wait if the website takes time to load. We make sure that we design a website that takes less loading time. We compress the graphics and keep the website content as minimum as possible.

  • Navigation

  • If a website is confusing and tricky to navigate, customers may leave and never revisit, so our professional designs a website that has clear navigation paths which helps visitor to navigate through the website easily.

  • Mobile friendly

  • Now in the age of smart phones and tablets people browse the things on their phone rather than computers. So our expert designs a website that is mobile friendly they make a responsive design for website that is capable of adapting to any device.